Civicom: A Global Market Research Facilitator of Telephone and Web-Enabled Solutions

Civicom is the global leader for market research facilitation in U.S., international and emerging markets. We combine our proprietary global audio conferencing bridge, web technology platform, superior recording capabilities, and advanced video curation tools to ensure that there is a robust solution available wherever research takes you.

Our team is significantly experienced in connecting parties in virtually every country. Your project can be based in the U.S., EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East.

Bring local knowledge to global companies with the help of our tools and recruiting networks. We can help you gather moderators, respondents, and other significant parties to participate in research from nearly anywhere in the world.

We offer simultaneous translation and post-session translation for international and multi-country projects. You can hold in-depth interviews and focus groups in almost any country and we will facilitate the conversation in either English or the local language. Our translation services also extend to screeners, discussion guides, and client final reports.

Our global reach is also supported by our transcription unit, TranscriptionWing™. We can provide transcriptions in multiple languages via trained transcriptionists or a combination of automated and human transcription.

With technical expertise, creative thinking, 24/7 client service, and the dedicated support Civicom is known for, we can confidently say that if you can imagine the project, we can make it happen – anywhere.

GDPR and HIPAA Compliance

Guaranteed Data Anonymization For Your Market Research Projects


Being a global company requires us to hold ourselves to the highest standards for data protection worldwide. To do this, we subscribe to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use a 256-bit advanced encryption standard, clearly disclose how your data is stored and deleted, and offer storage solutions that you can tailor to match the sensitivity of the data. We’re committed to ensuring that you have control over your data and that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected.

Civicom also has safeguards in place to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and all associated regulations. Our comprehensive HIPAA audit and training program ensures that each employee remains up to date on these requirements to protect all Personally Health Information (PHI).

We pair technical capabilities with a culture of confidentiality to thoroughly uphold our data privacy commitments and adhere to all the rules contained in both bodies of legislation. On the technical side, we’ve implemented various data anonymization tools and security practices to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data within our multiple locations and the information systems we own and operate. Our full-time Data Protection Officer and full-time Compliance Officer monitor these safeguards.

All employees record our Oath of Confidentiality on a quarterly basis and each has signed a confidentiality agreement. The Quarterly Oath serves as a reminder to each employee of his or her personal responsibility to protect PII and °PHI by adhering to our protocols. We also conduct an annual review of our compliance practices to ensure we remain in line with GDPR, HIPAA, and other client-relevant requirements such as the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), EU-US Privacy Shield, and others.

Our Company

We At Civicom Believe We Are Creating Something Important

is a group of people working together to create a good and noteworthy company.
We bring passion, innovation, focus, and determination to our work and maintain our commitment to value creation
within an environment that is energized and adaptive.
Our goal is to create something remarkable while also creating value for others.


CCam focus

We provide a portable plug-and-play 360° HD video streaming and recording solution for in-person interviews and focus groups combined with video curation tools. Having a unified solution for curation, storage, and sharing keeps your attention on the research instead of the logistics.

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Our full suite of marketing research tools offers you the best in local, global, and mobile solutions. We facilitate telephone and web-enabled interviews and focus groups. We offer mobile qualitative tools, an online community platform, and bulletin boards, recordings, recruiting, translation, and much more.


Send us an audio or video file and we can transcribe it according to your timeframe, budget, and formatting requirements to create subtitles, closed captions, or documents.

Civicom Conferencing

Reliability, clarity, service, and convenient features such as Mobile 1-Tap come together to provide you the very best conferencing experience from an office or on the road.

Civicom Large Event Calls

Highly trained operators and advanced tools take the headache out of large event calls. We have all the features you need–Q&A, recording, participant identification, security, muting, greetings, and replay–and the very best service to help you host calls that scale up to thousands of participants.

ConferTel Webinars

Our full service, turnkey solution to webinars manages everything for you. Charge for attendance, track participants, conduct polls, record, provide 508 compliant closed captioning, and more.


Get flexible conferencing features, enhanced functionality, and superior international calling using quality audio for quality conferencing, along with a responsive and dedicated account staff from the newest member of the Civicom family.


Streamline customer relationship management (CRM) by having employees dictate all their meeting notes. Our voice-to-CRM system solution keeps everyone focused on company growth instead of busywork.


Please.Do let’s you do what’s important to you and leave the rest to us! Delegate tasks via our mobile app; dictate or text instructions along with a photo or video attachments to a team of “Doers” who can price out travel options, create expense reports, do research for you, or complete whatever task you need done.

How We Contribute


Feathers Project

Leveraging Our Global Reach

Our technology facilitates more than market research and business communications. The Feathers Project leverages our global reach and virtual meeting expertise to bring direct charity within reach of the poorest of the poor. We’re using our capabilities and networks to bridge distance and resource gaps to pair those in the greatest need with those most able to support them.

Virtual Meeting

Sponsors from across the globe are matched with beneficiaries in a developing country. Following a rigorous 7-step vetting process, beneficiary families or abandoned elders meet their sponsors during a virtual meeting facilitated by Civicom Marketing Research Services. This meeting is attended by a moderator and volunteer steward to protect the integrity of the process.

Direct Charity

Feathers Project then facilitates the 100% transfer of sponsors’ $45 per month donation to their beneficiaries. Overhead and administrative expenses are company paid in full. Our beneficiaries receive the benefit of direct charity rather than in-kind giving. Numerous independent studies have confirmed that people trapped in poverty are personally the most capable of determining how additional funds can be best invested in their lives.

Building A Connection

Through the Feathers Project, both sponsors and beneficiaries can build a connection over time without the costs of travel. Our sponsors learn unique aspects of another culture and immerse themselves in the lives and challenges of recipients. Feathers Project is underwritten by Civicom and TeamSpan.


Buy Forward

Ten Percent Commitment

As a Buy Forward company, we are among those committed to giving over 5% of our pre-tax profits to worthy causes such as combating poverty, protecting the environment, investing in communities, and more. Civicom is a Buy Forward 10 company, giving 10% of profits to charitable organizations that address poverty.

Creating More For Worthy Causes

The Buy Forward vision is encapsulated in the aphorism, “A rising tide raises all ships.” Consumers pay nothing additional to support charitable causes when they make purchases from Buy Forward companies such as Civicom, TeamSpan, Target, Chobani, Patagonia, and others. When Buy Forward companies outperform their competitors, others will follow suit. The result? Greater corporate-to-community engagement and a larger pool of money supporting worthy causes.

A Core of Who We Are

Giving 10% of our company’s value to charitable causes is different from ad hoc corporate donations or cause-marketing. It’s less about what we’re doing and more about who we are as a company. We believe that corporate social responsibility should be part of the root structure of a company, not a grafted-on branch.

Building Awareness

Our hope is that, in time, the Buy-it-Forward logo will increase consumers’ awareness of companies’ values and actions in the same way that Energy Star, Rainforest Alliance, Certified B Corporation, The Leaping Bunny, and other designations inform consumers’ decision making. Everyone benefits the more companies pursue this designation.