Web-Enabled IDIs & Focus Groups

CCam focus works hand in hand with Civicom Marketing Research Services, the global leader in facilitating phone and
web-enabled in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups. This provides the flexibility you need when you find it necessary to move your live interviews or focus groups into a web-enabled format.

No matter what the circumstances, for example, poor weather conditions for travel, location availability, or scheduling conflicts, you will not need to interrupt your plans because CCam focus can move your interviews or focus groups seamlessly
into a web-enabled experience.

Civicom CyberFacility® delivers a host of benefits:

Strong Technical Support

Our well-trained technicians conduct tech checks, update your webcam tracker, confirm respondent readiness for both interviews and focus groups, resolve any unforeseen technical problems, and make sure you are comfortable with how you appear in the webcam screen.

Audio Masking and Face Blurring

Use our Audio Masking service to keep respondent voices confidential along with our Face Blurring feature that anonymizes respondent images when the video is played back. These additional safeguards prevent highly personal respondent information from being identifiable.

Convenient & Secure File Delivery

We deliver your files through Glide Central®, our online platform for video and audio content curation and management. You can view your recordings, create tags, produce transcripts, make clips, and harvest key insights for your reports.

Stimuli Assistance

Amplify the effects of your web-enabled IDIs and focus group studies by incorporating multiple pieces of stimuli into your web-enabled IDIs and focus groups. We help you format all the visuals and our team can present stimuli according to your preference.

A Proprietary Audio Conferencing Platform

Our CyberFacility tools were designed specifically for the needs of Civicom clients. By eliminating third-party audio providers, we are able to directly manage your audio quality and customize your audio experience.

Active Talker

Active Talker allows you to follow who is speaking on the audio portion of your IDI or focus group so that you know exactly who is contributing to the discussion. This enables you to identify people individually when you want to follow up on a respondent comment.

Qualitative Interview Software

Our advanced online platform provides for you and respondents to communicate via webcam during your interviews or focus groups while respondents also view your stimuli at the same time.

Backroom Chat

Communicate with your clients and research team via a backroom chat pod while your interview or focus group takes place. This enables you to pose questions or ask for clarifcation in real time.

CiviSelect™ Respondent Recruiting

Finding the right respondents is a critical pillar of successful research. Civicom facilitates every type of qualitative market research – IDIs, focus groups, mobile research, online communities, and more.

CiviSelect™ understands your recruiting needs from the very start of each project. Whether you’re focused on particular respondent segments or particular industries, we can deliver a pool of participants that is customized to fit your research needs.

Our Respondent Recruiting Services

  • Screener writing, review or editing
  • Technology screening for respondent technology strengths, level of internet access, and computer compatibility
  • Scheduling for IDIs and focus groups
  • Tracking respondents to ensure each is slotted for the right date and time
  • Discussion guide review
  • Translation and transcription in multiple languages
  • Handling all aspects of incentives from suggesting payment amounts, making payments, and distributing product samples

Our Partnership with

Our Alliance enables us together to easily connect researchers and clients with qualified respondents so you can conduct the highest quality conversations and engagement. Technical know-how, people know-how, and creative thinking are the key fundamentals of our collaboration. We’ve recruited for and facilitated virtually every type of research study possible.

Together we set the standard in client-centric solutions. We use both web-to-web and phone-to-web solutions to maximize our recruitment success in achieving a highly-engaged pool of participants. As we refine our search, we adapt our techniques for requirements particular to the success of your chosen methodology.

Market Research Transcriptions

TranscriptionWing™ is an internal unit of the Civicom Marketing Research Services Group that provides affordable and high-quality voice-to-text transcriptions for the marketing research community. Our flexible timeframes and rates ensure that transcriptions balance your budget with your deadlines.

For high priority projects, our RUSH turnaround can deliver transcripts in 4 hours or by 9 am the next business day.

Captioning can be done for all types of video, particularly video captured in a non-English language that must be captioned for English-speaking audiences. We offer closed captioning services for the hearing-impaired and meet all U.S. Federal government requirements for this service.
Meet My Transcriptionist™ offers you the peace of mind of consistency. Work with a specific transcription editor who can become familiar with your type of content and formatting requirements. Communicate with them directly on the transcription details of significant importance to you.
Subtitling is particularly valuable when research involves multiple countries and/or languages. Present video clips to clients with subtitles in their local language.
ListenLink™ embeds audio clips into your transcription so that you can click directly on any [unintelligible], [inaudible], or [crosstalk] in your document and listen to that part of the audio.
InSummary™ gives you a one or two-page summary of your research interview or focus group. Rather than receiving an exhaustive verbatim transcript, we provide you with just the key points from your recording.
Custom Templates, typefaces, logo requirements, spacing requirements, and naming preferences, and many other requirements are all possible when working with Civicom TranscriptionWing.
Flexible Delivery times from 4-Hour Rush to five-business day turn-around, with pricing that matches your delivery needs. Our handy online calculator helps you plan your budget.
GDPR and HIPAA compliance safeguard your data. We meet these regulations through internal training, external audits, and our culture of confidentiality.

Market Research Translations

In a global economy without a universal language, there is a constant need for market research translations. In order for international brands to make the best business decisions, it’s critical that respondent thinking is accurately translated.

Civicom is experienced at navigating client interactions in multiple languages and cultures.
We serve over 90 countries and can assist with your translation needs in the following ways:

Local Toll-Free Numbers where available enable you to reduce expensive international calling fees when dialing in to observe a research session.
Multi-language Transcriptions via TranscriptionWing™ translate text from IDIs or focus groups, online bulletin board discussions, or mobile studies.
Local Language Web Room Access for Respondents is provided in a wide variety of languages. Respondents can participate more successfully when prompts and stimuli are shown in the language they are most comfortable with.
Mobile Qual Studies can be done in almost any language. When respondents dial in to record their thoughts, they will hear welcome messages and project guidelines recorded in their local language.
Simultaneous Translation for phone and web-enabled IDIs and focus groups facilitate multi-language exchanges in real time. Translated Audio Recordings can be merged with video for viewing in any other language.
Civicom Chatterbox® Online Bulletin Board is available in almost twenty languages. Create identical boards and run them in several languages simultaneously. This enables you to include multiple languages in the same project.

See Me Navigate™ Mobile & Website App Usability

Mobile technology has permeated the daily lives of almost every demographic group around the world. Because of this development, marketing researchers now have rich opportunities to gather feedback organically and in real time.

Our mobile qualitative technology services were built with input from marketing researchers seeking intuitive and mobile-friendly data collection tools and research software. Take a walk in your respondents’ shoes in nearly any language and country with our three key mobile offerings:

See Me Navigate™ Mobile Content Usability

Use See Me Navigate to observe remotely as respondents navigate a mobile website or app, while you talk with them live in real time. View both the respondent and his or her mobile screen simultaneously. Gather more natural and accurate reactions on mobile user experience to optimize your app and website design.

See Me Navigate Advantages

You are able to probe respondents in real time right from your computer. As you follow the respondent’s activity, you can ask questions, probe for details, provide directions and hear what they have to say. You can see a respondent’s facial expressions and mobile screen simultaneously as they navigate websites or apps.

The Right Tool For Mobile & Website App Evaluation

See Me Navigate is the right tool for evaluating whether the website or app is properly optimized for mobile use. This means virtually every brand, package, or retail site in every industry, well beyond consumer goods or medical products. If you want to move the consumer experience online, See Me Navigate is right for you.

The Value of Mobile Website & App Testing

Website usability on a computer has long been a staple of market research. With over 50% of searches now done on mobile devices, and with that statistic rising at breakneck speed, brands need to understand the user experience so they can optimize their design and content and successfully reach their target market.

ThoughtLight® Mobile Ethnography App

The ThoughtLight app facilitates the recording and collection of shopper experiences, patient journeys, audio diaries,
and other types of in-the-moment insights.

Capture, gather, and analyze emotion and attitude, naturally occurring events, and additional commentary through
text responses, audio, photo, and video capture.
Get authentic, in-the-moment insights through this mobile market research method.

Add Respondents

Import or create user profiles with ease. Respondents will receive an email invite containing research details, and app download instructions, along with their credentials. Upon log in, respondents will see all available activities that need to be completed.

GEO Location

ThoughtLight lets you capture GEO location to ensure authenticity of the collected data by verifying that the provided insights were collected in real time. You can also trigger activities based on your respondents’ location with GPS positioning.

Audio Diaries and Patient Journeys

Gather the true thoughts and feelings of your respondents in real time as they narrate their experiences in their own voice through the audio recordings they create. Capture a history of their responses over time based on what they recorded.

Respond In Real Time Even Without Internet

Conduct your study in remote locations and complete activities without data connectivity. Respondents can remain engaged even in locations where there is low signal strength since answers can be uploaded once an internet connection is established.


Narrow down the range of your study and make sure that an activity can only be done in a specific location through the use of geofencing which generates a virtual barrier preventing the respondent from completing the activity in another place.

Dedicated Civicom Support

Our dedicated support team can manage your respondents and provide assistance in managing incoming data. Civicom can also help you with user registrations, activity execution, data delivery, as well as recruit respondents for you if necessary.

Civicom Chatterbox® Online Community Platform & Bulletin Board

Civicom Chatterbox is an online community platform that provides powerful yet user-friendly capabilities that can make a huge impact on the success of your research. You can decide whether to interact with your entire audience, small groups, specific segments, or unique individuals.

Civicom Chatterbox is mobile-ready and accessible to a global demographic.  As an asynchronous online platform, it is ideal for creating short-term studies that can gather respondent feedback quickly, as well as for extended online communities.

Take advantage of these great services and features:

  • Discussion Guide Programming
  • Respondent Set-up
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Flexible Time Frames
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Moderator Report Support
  • Group Segmentation
  • Gamification
  • Robust Analytics Tools
  • Multi-Language Capable

We set the standard in technical know-how, creative thinking, and responsive client service.