Record Only


Give Observers the
Best Seat in the House

Experience in-person sessions as though you were sitting at the table even if you aren’t present at the recording. Our 360º camera and omnidirectional microphones are paired to deliver superior audio and high definition visuals for a truly immersive experience.

Whenever there are speaker changes, the 360º camera automatically adjusts its focus so that you see zoomed-in full-face views of the most recent 2 to 3 speakers. Experience a continuous panoramic view of all participants in addition to these zoomed-in views for the most relevant perspective and deeper insights.

With 360º video capture, you won’t miss any details. The flow of conversation, nonverbal cues, and any stimuli used are all clearly captured for later analysis.


Plug & Play for
Easy Access

Do you have access to an outlet? Can you connect to the Internet? Then you can use CCam focus Record. Our plug-and-play solution makes recordings for later access and analysis simple.

The camera and speaker fit into a compact 15” x 5” bag making it easy to carry to your sessions. Set it up on your own at a conference room, hotel, private home, or wherever your research takes you.

If you’d rather not deal with set-up yourself, we’ll connect you with one of our facility partners where the equipment is already optimized for the best recording. Or bring it along to your favorite facility that needs to have CCam – we’ll walk you and the facility through the easy set-up.

Record & Stream

Collaborate and
Make An Impact

Our 360º video capture perspective can also be live streamed, allowing remote viewers to experience focus groups as though they’re sitting among participants in real time. During live streaming of your market research project, you can use our chat capabilities to interact with team members and/or clients. Pose new questions, make observations or highlight sections for follow-up.

There’s no learning curve when using our backroom interface for video streaming market research or accessing recordings. Easily differentiate between different projects, sessions, dates, times, and current status. Links make joining sessions and sharing recordings a seamless process.

If your project requires it, take advantage of our extensive translation services during live streaming. Have viewers dial in to hear the session in the language of their choice.

Know You’re Supported and
Your Data Is Secure

Benefit from our personalized commitment to your success. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the highest level of customer service and 24/7 tech support.

Tech checks and full-service event monitoring mean that you don’t need to stress about the details. You benefit from the 100% end-to-end support Civicom is known for.

Each recording is always recorded twice–one locally and one via streaming–so that any unforeseeable technical errors don’t jeopardize your data. This built-in redundancy adds another layer to peace of mind.

Whichever CCam focus service you select, you’ll want to save your files in a secure place and access them easily. Our affordable monthly storage plan is GDPR and HIPAA compliant and will store your files in our secure cloud for convenient access whenever and wherever you need them.

Video Curation Tools

Move Seamlessly
Into Video Curation

With CCam Curate, take advantage of our wide range of video curation tools to help you organize, analyze, and share your videos securely.

Collaborate with colleagues or clients via the recording playback page on our secure platform to gather insights for a more thorough analysis.

Mark important moments for later review during live streamed sessions. Access notations in the Markers Tab and the video recording will play at the exact moment the marker was made. These markers can be further refined during playback. You can also add additional markers to the recording as needed.

Tag your content or markers with keywords that make it searchable for later reference. Tag and search by a word, phrase, question, location, or any signifier that streamlines your work process.

Use Clips, Video Reels, and
Transcripts to Strengthen Reports

Comment on recorded sessions to collaborate with team members remotely. Keep everyone on the same page during the review process.

Transcribe your recordings via automated or human transcribers to provide subtitles or closed captioning that tracks along with your video. Or use transcripts to facilitate analysis using word clouds and other text-based tools.

Clip key points to highlight observations and share the customer voice with clients more effectively. Access all clips under the Clips Tab and download them as needed. Incorporate key clips into your reports to make findings readily understandable and provide clarity for clients.

Build a storyboard with your clips and create a video reel to share a collection of clips in a clear visual narrative.

Project Management

Stay Organized with
Project Hub

Use our platform as a hub for all your projects. Keep all team members on the same page regarding deadlines, responsibilities, and project statuses. With our Project Hub, you can clearly delineate between different projects that are occurring simultaneously and among recorded sessions at different times and locations.

Move to the Sessions Page to view upcoming, ended, and live sessions. Team members can log on and click on links to join current live-streaming sessions.

Access recordings for review from the Sessions Tab or from the Recordings Tab where you can playback content. Increase security by tailoring team members’ login access to recordings according to their roles. Improve collaboration by enabling team members to work on recordings simultaneously.

Keep Clients Informed
in Real Time

Our platform is a simple and secure way to keep clients in the loop. Updates can be viewed in real-time thus eliminating the need for unnecessary back and forth project communication.

While you can view all your current projects, you can limit client access to view only their own recordings. Keeping recordings centrally located and in our dedicated cloud eliminates potential confusion arising from long email chains, attempting to sort through recordings from multiple facilities, multiple sessions per day, and too many large files for download.

With CCam focus, simplicity is key. All parties connected to your study will appreciate the ability for you to deliver their content seamlessly and efficiently from the Project Hub. Having a unified solution for curation, storage, and sharing keeps your attention on the research instead of the logistics.